Jan Fitzpatrick, Invibe Health

Megan Apple

After attending a Michael Port weekend, I realized that I would probably not do all the suggested steps to success. I realized that I needed to find someone to guide me through the process and help to choose reliable and talented people to do those things that I don’t want to or can’t do. 

Megan was at the seminar helping us through some of the processes. I decided to do the follow-up coaching and consulting with her because she was in alignment with Michael Port’s approach. 

Megan sought to understand what I wanted to do with my business. She also has allowed me to broaden my view of what it is that I am here to share and how to do that in a much bigger way than I had been able to imagine myself. She takes the time to educate me on the possibilities and gives me choices on how to move forward. 

As of today, my websites are ready to be put together with a coherent plan to integrate all of the ways that I want to communicate with my current and future clients. This has happened because Megan has helped to get me clearly focused on where I want to go with my business and life. 
The experience has been delightful. Everything has happened at the right timing. She has brought resources to the table that I would never have been able to do myself. She has matched my individual needs to the right resources for me. 

Having Megan as a coach is a combination of guide, therapist, researcher, cheer leader and dear friend. She makes me feel that she is always on my side and encourages me to reach for the stars and gives me the resources to do that. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to experience success in their business, whether just starting or wanting to grow, call Megan first.

Jan Fitzpatrick, Invibe Health