3 Step Formula for Creating a Personal Brand

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Creating a personal brand might not be on your “to-do” list.  However, as a small business owner, service professional, or freelancer, it is one of the keys to your success.  People buy your services or products because they like you.  Something about you resonates with your prospective client. Your personal brand makes you and your offering memorable.

So first, what is it?  It  is different from your company’s brand.  Your personal brand is your reputation on the things that you want to be known for. It is uniquely you.    You create your brand to stand out and differentiate yourself from the crowd.   It conveys a message about how you can help your target market and the results you provide.  It is authentic., engaging, and transparently you.  A good personal brand makes you stand out and become known.

The process of personal branding takes time.  It involves uncovering your values, passions, purpose, and the one thing you are meant to do.  It requires learning how to consistently communicate your message in a way that is compelling rather than boring and bland.  We will talk more about the process in our next post.

There is a handy three-step formula for developing your personal brand, which was created by Michael Port of Book Yourself Solid.  Let’s dig a little deeper.

Step one – Develop your who and do what statement.

You have probably been at the same networking events as me.  The ones where you were buried in everyone’s elevator speech.  Those 30-second commercials where you  are talked at about what the other person does.  I don’t know about you, but after the 10th one, going home and reading a book seems like an excellent option for the remainder of the evening.

Your “who and do what” statement is something much different.  It’s primary purpose is to start a conversation.  For example:

I help small business owners get more clients, create more revenue, and have more fun in their business. 

The usual question is, “wow, how do you do that?  Which is an excellent opening for me to find out more about the person I am talking to.  And that leads to an authentic connection and perhaps the beginning of a cool relationship.

Step Two – Why you do what you do

We all have a reason for doing what we do.  This is your opportunity to share the reason you get up every morning rather than hitting the snooze button.  For example:

I believe my clients can have their business, their life, their way.  Without having to eat Ramen noodles.  The world needs their talent.  And they need the strategy, processes, and tools to enable their success. 

Sharing our “why” allows our prospective clients to understand our motivations and passions.  If it resonates, your credibility increases, and the relationship will grow deeper.

Step Three – Your tagline

I was in business for a few years before I came up with a tagline.  And it was born from a casual comment during an equally casual conversation.  Sort of like those great ideas we all get in the shower when you least expect it.

Theories are Great.  Results are Better.

My tag line speaks to my commitment to helping my clients get the results they want.  And helps to keep my focus on what matters while communicating what I think is important.

Have fun with this.  And be patient.  It can take some time for the right tagline to emerge from the work you are doing.

Summing it all up

Spoiler alert.  Creating your personal brand will take some time.  And that is OK because it will help you be memorable and differentiate yourself from the crowd.  The perfect clients will be drawn to you because  of who you are, what you do, and why you do it will resonate with them.  And that will turn you into a client attraction magnet.