A Virtual Certainty helps you make things happen.

Inspired Solutions + Focused Implementation = Great Results

How we work.

When you work with us you get results. And a talented team of professionals that give a damn about you and your business. Our collaborative approach, using a unique blend of consulting, coaching and implementation makes things happen for you and your company. Working together we create a plan and then we stick around until it’s done. In fact, we will even do a lot of it ourselves (did we just hear a big sigh of relief?). Whether you need a little or a lot, we are here to help you get the results you want.

Who are our clients?

Our small business clients represent a number of industries, including consultants, coaches, small service businesses, non-profits, lawyers and health care providers. They have come in all shapes and sizes from start-ups to companies making multiple millions. All of them share some or all of these characteristics:

• A passion for doing good work.
• A desire to grow their company.
• The knowledge they need help
• A collaborative approach and willingness to do the work.
• Obstacles to growth, profitability and balance

Why me?

Megan Apple

Making things happen for you and your business.

I started A Virtual Certainty with $0.47 and a laptop. (For real, and most of it was in pennies). No clients, no prospects, no website, and frankly not a clue. Just a passion for making a difference for small businesses. Using the same Book Yourself Solid system we teach our clients, at the end of our first year we were booked solid with revenue in six figures. And we haven’t stopped growing yet.

You and I probably have a lot in common. We want to make a difference and do great work. I have experienced the same challenges you may have today. Building a business from scratch, figuring out how to continue to grow , find clients, while providing great service to the ones we already have. Struggling to consistently market while creating products and services that sell.

Over the past 12 years I have worked with businesses from lots of different industries. Financial planning firms, real estate development and investment companies,law firms, health care organizations, wellness coaches, life coaches, business consultants, clothing manufacturers, and more. I have learned how to understand each individual organization and their industry quickly. And have realized that, regardless of the industry or specialty, all successful businesses are built on a strong platform of systems and processes.

All of my experience means that I am able to understand you, your business and the challenges you face quickly. And can share with you the tools, systems and processes that will help you save time, money and headaches in building and growing your business.

I am a big believer in collaborating with our clients and staying around to make things happen. I can remember working long hours, struggling to figure things out while wearing multiple hats – many of which didn’t fit so well. That is why, over the past decade, I have served as Interim HR Director, Interim COO, and Interim Marketing Director for many of my client’s businesses until they were ready to hire full-time staff.

Mostly I want our clients to succeed. Whether a small start up, or a multi million dollar company (and we have worked with many from both groups and everything in between), there is nothing better than watching a company grow, being able to contribute to the development of the owners and their teams, and know that we have helped in their success.

When you work with me you get honesty, directness, lots of tools and strategies, an endless curiosity and a passion for your success. I will roll up my sleeves, tackle the “to do” list of strategic objectives, and make sure that you (and your team if you have one) fall in love with your company all over again. We will also have some fun and laughter along the way.

Prior to A Virtual Certainty, my career followed the same winding path as many entrepreneurs. I was a paralegal for several premier law firms in Chicago. Joined the non-profit world as a Director for the American College of Surgeons after which time I founded my first company working with surgical and medical specialties, as well as individual health care providers around the country helping them implement national and local outcomes studies for chronic disease processes. Got to speak at Harvard and write a few book chapters in a book that was actually published. Good stuff.

A lifetime learner, somewhere along the way I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business, participated in numerous educational and certification programs and have read lots and lots of books.

When not “working”, I spend time painting (canvas, not walls), spending time with family, friends and Georgia (the dog), and am (finally) writing my first book – How to Joyfully Profit with a Lifestyle Business.

If you think we would be a good fit give me a call so that we can get started in creating the results you want in your business.