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Companies succeed when they have a plan. When we work together you are personally guided, step by step, to the right business model, strategies and next actions to grow your company. At the end of the strategic planning process you receive:

• an in-depth assessment of where you and your company are now.
market research about your competitors.
• clarity around your mission, vision and values.
• a written plan tying it all together with detailed implementation steps and measures for success.

The result? You have the roadmap you need to take your business to the next level.


Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Many of our clients experience “feast and famine” cycle within their business. Without a system for consistently marketing your business, you have either too much work or (gulp) not enough. When you work with us you get:

• a strong brand platform.
• an impactful visual identity.
website design and maintenance.
• copywriting and content creation.
social media strategies.
training for you and your team using the proven Book Yourself Solid system.
• a written marketing plan, editorial calendar for your content, and more.

The result? A strong brand and a detailed plan for engaging your clients both on line and off line. And, oh yes, your phone rings with people ready to do business. How cool is that?

Getting things

Your to do list is growing. You may be doing it all, or have only a small team. You don’t have the time or resources to make things happen. Successful companies start and finish projects. That is where we come in, sticking to you like glue, giving you the tools and support you need to finish each item on your list. Examples of some of the things we do for our clients include:

operational planning and implementation.
• outsourced HR support and recruitment.
• execution of on-line and off-line marketing strategies.
process development for increased efficiency.

We handle the details and leave you with the results. (Do we hear a sigh of relief?)

Coaching and

Your business is a reflection of you first and how well your team performs second. Star athletes and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have coaches. Now you can too. Transformational results based coaching gives you tools and strategies to:

• become more efficient and focused.
increase your effectiveness as a business owner.
• develop stronger leadership and management skills.

Your team will benefit from training and development as well. Our programs are focused on:

• developing strong management skills.
• teaching how to provide superior customer service.
• building stronger teams.

The results? You become even more effective, your team is enabled for success and your clients’ are better served.

About Our Process

and Planning

  • 01

    We get to know you. Learn about your passion, talents and vision. We meet with your team.

  • 02

    We learn about your business. What is working. What isn’t. We identify the gap between your vision and reality.

  • 03

    We create a written assessment with recommendations on how to make things happen.

  • 04

    We finalize a plan for each strategic objective. We work with you and your team to prioritize action steps and a timeline for completion.

Getting More Clients

  • 01

    We will look at your current marketing. See what is working and what is not.

  • 02

    Using the proven Book Yourself Solid System we will define your target market, create a sales cycle and begin to develop the 7 promotional strategies.

  • 03

    We create or refine your brand platform and visual identity so that your business shows up authentically and memorably.

  • 04

    Your finalized written plan for attracting clients and getting booked solid is prepared with specific action items, time lines for completion and measures for success.

Getting things done

  • 01

    We identify the specific action steps and needed resources.

  • 02

    We develop a results based, on line project plan with a time line for completion of each strategic objective.

  • 03

    We collaborate and put together the perfect team with clear objectives and accountabilities.

  • 04

    We roll up our sleeves and start making things happen, meeting regularly to make sure things stay on track. Using the project plan, milestones are routinely measured so that strategic objectives can be completed.

Coaching and

  • 01

    Together we identify the areas of development for you and your team.

  • 02

    We meet frequently to help you become more effective and productive. You get the tools and processes you need together with the benefit of a trusted advisor and enthusiastic cheerleader.

  • 03

    We develop customized training for your team based upon your strategic goals.

  • 04

    We provide customized training and team building to enable your team’s success and excellent customer service. Follow up sessions are held make sure the concepts are used.

Make Things Happen

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