Overcoming Challenges and Getting Results -Even today

Megan Apple @coronavirus, #overcoming challenges, Strategic Planning

Without a doubt your business and your life are going to disrupted.  We are experiencing something unlike anything we have before.  And, because it is for an unknown period of time, it feels uncertain and creates feelings of stress and anxiety.

The more scared and panicked you are the less able you are to be creative in finding solutions.  It is the fight or flight reaction – and right now it feels like we are starting down a pretty big saber tooth tiger.  Taking action, any action, reduces the tunnel vision and allows us to see alternatives.

We have no magic solutions.  We do have, however, some ideas and concepts that might help support you during this difficult period.  And a strong desire to help in whatever way we can.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Social distancing does not mean social isolation. Stay connected to one another.  Health officials have recommended that outside play dates can be helpful for children.  Adults can have them as well.  If you are feeling well, take a brisk walk with a friend.  The exercise will help reduce your stress.  Check in with friends and family – often.
  • Use available video tools. Facetime and Skype are both options.  You can network and gather using video instead of in person.  Share a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) with friends or fellow business owners.  Zoom (zoom.us) has a free and low cost plan for businesses that need to have on line meetings.  My friend and colleague just created a training for using Zoom – you can check it out here – just scroll down the sales page https://loubortone.lpages.co/video-a-day/.
  • There is an opportunity in every crisis. Even though it is hard to see when we are scared, anxious or concerned, there is always opportunity:
    • Use some of this time to breathe, work on yourself, your business or your messy sock drawer. Taking action will reduce your anxiety.
    • If you have clients or customers, think of ways to stay in touch with them. And be creative in ways to serve them.  If you are a restaurant,  switch your model to carry out delivery.  If you have a brick and mortar store, put items for sale on line through your site and/or Amazon or Etsy.   If you are a service professional, you can easily convert to video meetings rather than in person meetings.
    • Clean out your electronic files – each and every one. Move everything into a “sort file” and make new folders for tidy and efficient organization.
    • Read books. Listen to Podcasts. Take this time to learn something new.
    • Stay active. Take a walk outside.  Remove the dust from the treadmill stored in your basement.  Stream a yoga routine.  Physical activity increases the immune system and decreases stress and anxiety.
  • Eat healthy – even though you have an unquenchable desire for junk food at the moment.
  • Show up in a way that you want to be remembered. Reach out and determine how you can help your community.  Stay in contact with others.  Work together, particularly if you are a business owner, to collaborate and help each other survive this difficult time.


We survived the 2008 financial meltdown and few other miscellaneous economic crisis times.  Let us know how we can help you survive this one.