Teresa Jenkins

Megan Apple

When I went looking for someone to help me start my business, I was looking for someone who cut thorough all the confusion I was feeling, be clear and concise, and set me on a clear path for starting my new business. 

Megan was the third person I interviewed and she offered a clear set of processes and a path for getting my business up and running.
I am still working with Megan, and hope I never stop. She has been invaluable regarding the level of emotional support, technical knowledge, and business acumen I required to get this far. 

Working with Megan means I was constantly encouraged, given careful advice regarding my fears and insecurities, and felt what I desire to create for my business was possible. Megan quickly earned my trust due to her deep background in business and her use of her intuitive skills helped speed up the process for us many times. The tools, strategies and project management she brings to the table means I can move forward, get things done, and feel confident that my delivery of services are in place.

In addition to Megan’s business expertise, her ability to instill confidence in me was rooted in her well defined structure for the design of my business. She is open to suggestion and confident in her background and ability to guide a new entrepreneur into their own sustainable business. I would and have recommended her to other business owners.

Teresa Jenkins

Teresa Jenkins