Who we work with



Great!  We have been waiting.  Our clients are service professionals who come from lots of different industries and backgrounds.  They come in all shapes and sizes – from solo-preneurs to businesses with a team of 400+.  See if this fits you and your business:

  • you are an entrepreneur with a vision and a passion for what you do.
  • you want you (and your team) to succeed.
  • you are ready to collaborate, grow and make things happen.
  • you might be ready to let go of the reins, just a little.
  • or perhaps….you are just getting started and need a roadmap for success some extra help.

We work with businesses led by bright, talented and passionate entrepreneurs.  Good people doing good work.  (See, we told you – you are our perfect client!).

Our clients are all really excited about what they have to offer with a strong commitment to taking care of their clients and customers together with a deep desire to create a more profitable and efficient structure for their company.

One thing all of our clients have in common – no matter how long they have been in business – obstacles to growth, profitability and balance.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • you want to grow – but are lacking the tools, strategies, focus and time to make it happen.
  • you feel alone and isolated – expected to know all of the answers without sometimes even knowing the questions.
  • thinking about marketing and sales brings to mind a used car salesman – and you don’t look good in that plaid jacket.
  • you know a written strategy and plan are important , but you don’t have the time to create one
  • your company has lost its most valuable resource – you. Your time is taken up with putting out fires, handling problems, and producing the work.
  • you have no business management support to help you transform ideas into action.
  • you have a talented staff (you think), but they are not being trained and developed.

If any of this sounds like you, we understand.  We have been there which is why we started AVC – to give you the same support the big companies get.  Make sure you get known, grow bigger, and stay sane in the process.