Why You Should Be An Encore Entrepreneur

Megan Apple Uncategorized

I confess to having a special place in my heart for encore entrepreneurs.  My age and experience makes me one, even though I started my business 12 years ago before it had become a “thing”.  No great surprise, almost 25% of all new businesses are started by people over the age of 55.  Economics, advances in health care and a new way of looking at aging have all coalesced to make this a perfect time for people to reinvent the second half of their life.

Whether or not you believe that 60 is the new 40, there are some great reasons to become an encore entrepreneur:

  • you have the experience, talent and background to be successful.  Everything you have done professionally and personally gives you well  honed abilities to make a go of a business.
  • you are ready to work from a place of passion and purpose.  The more mature we become, the more we look for ways to express our unique passions.  Being able to create an income while providing value to our customers and wake up every morning doing what we love is compelling.
  • it is easier than ever to start a business.  The internet, social media and the importance of services and customer experience makes start up costs lower than ever.
  • a lifestyle business may be perfect for you.  Your business can be all about you – producing the revenue you want, doing the things you love – without needing to run a multi-million dollar business requiring external capital.
  • you have grown a network of people who can help.  The rich relationships and connections you have created over the years can provide the foundation for business referrals and customers.  Not to mention, moral support and great advice.
  • you know that you don’t want to “retire”.  As an encore entrepreneur, you can continue to do great work, make money and have more fun and less stress.
  • you have at least one thing you are really, really good at.  It may be what you have done previously.  Or perhaps, it is that talent that never got expressed.  This is the perfect time to take whatever it is and create a business around it – one that serves you, your dreams and your passion.

I could go on and on about the joys of having a business that reflects you, your purpose and your passion.    There has been no better time to embrace the opportunities encore entrepreneurship bring.  If you want some help or just to share what you are up to, reach out.  I can’t wait to hear all about what you have planned.